3 Differences Between Electrolysis And Laser Hair Removal


If you're looking for a good method for removing unwanted hair, you may have considered both electrolysis and laser hair removal. You may have even wondered what the differences were between both types of treatments. They are not the same. Electrolysis uses a small jolt of electricity to remove hair by damaging it at the roots. Laser hair uses a laser beam to zap hair at the follicle. Besides that, here are the major differences between these two unwanted hair removal techniques.

1 December 2014

Learn How To Make Hair Extensions Undetectable


Using clip-in hair extensions in your hair allows you to create a unique look any time you choose. When using hair extensions, it is important that they are as undetectable as possible. The purpose of the hair extensions is to create the illusion that your hair is longer or fuller than it really is. If the extensions are easily identifiable, then they are not serving their purpose properly. Use the following guide to make your hair extensions undetectable.

7 November 2014