3 Differences Between Electrolysis And Laser Hair Removal


If you're looking for a good method for removing unwanted hair, you may have considered both electrolysis and laser hair removal. You may have even wondered what the differences were between both types of treatments. They are not the same. Electrolysis uses a small jolt of electricity to remove hair by damaging it at the roots. Laser hair uses a laser beam to zap hair at the follicle. Besides that, here are the major differences between these two unwanted hair removal techniques.

Permanency: Electrolysis is Permanent Laser Hair Removal is Not

Electrolysis is a permanent solution to unwanted hair, whereas laser hair removal is not. Electrolysis is actually the only hair removal technique out there. It trumps other unwanted hair removal techniques such as laser hair removal, waxing, sugaring, and threading in this regard. Many people mistakenly believe that laser hair removal is permanent when it is not. What laser hair removal does is reduce the occurrence of hair growth in a big way but the hair will still grow back. So you will need to visit the laser hair removal technician or follow-up treatments.

Treatments: Electrolysis Requires More Treatments than Laser Hair Removal

You will need a greater number of treatments, if you opt for electrolysis. Laser hair removal usually requires five to seven treatments. Electrolysis may require up to five times that amount of treatments. Each laser treatment takes 10-15 minutes. In contrast, each electrolysis treatment will take an hour or less. Therefore, electrolysis will take a greater investment of your time. However, the results are permanent vs. laser hair removal.

Cost: Laser Hair Removal Costs More than Electrolysis

The round of treatments that you will need to reduce unwanted hair regrowth in laser hair removal will cost you more per treatment. Even though you will need a greater amount of treatments for electrolysis, each treatment will not cost as much as that for laser hair removal. What you also need to consider at this point is that you will need subsequent laser treatments after the first round of treatments. Laser hair removal's lack of permanency makes this a necessity.

Besides the above differences, you should probably know that you might need to do a little digging before you find a qualified electrolysis technician (such as one from Electrolysis & Therapeutic Skin Care By Tracy). Once you do, you could reap all of the benefits of this technique. While laser hair removal may be more accessible, you will have to determine if its drawbacks are worth it.


1 December 2014

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