Learn How To Make Hair Extensions Undetectable


Using clip-in hair extensions in your hair allows you to create a unique look any time you choose. When using hair extensions, it is important that they are as undetectable as possible. The purpose of the hair extensions is to create the illusion that your hair is longer or fuller than it really is. If the extensions are easily identifiable, then they are not serving their purpose properly. Use the following guide to make your hair extensions undetectable.

Choose Human Hair Extensions

When you use hair extensions that are made of human hair, you get a better overall look. Human hair extensions do not fray as hair extensions that are made of synthetic fibers do. They will look just like your real hair, as long as you take proper care of them. Wash them by hand, allow them to air dry, and store them flat to keep them looking great for as long as possible.

Have the Extensions Dyed

When you have your natural hair dyed, take the hair extensions with you and have the stylist dye them, as well. This will ensure that both your hair and the extensions are the exact same color. Human hair extensions can be dyed any color you choose and even have highlights or lowlights added to them.

Have the Extensions Cut

When you get your hair cut and styled, have the hair salon stylist put the extensions in your hair and cut and style them at the same time. There is nothing worse when styling your hair than being able to see where your natural hair stops and the extensions start. If you get the extensions cut at the same time as you get your natural hair cut, you can rest assured that the transition from your hair to the extensions will be as seamless as possible.

Style Your Extensions Separately

When you choose to curl or straighten your natural hair, curl or straighten the hair extensions and then place them in your hair. Because the hair extensions clip onto your natural hair, you do not want to pull on your hair as you curl or straighten the extensions as it could cause damage to your natural hair. Styling the extensions and then clipping them into your hair gives you the look you want without damaging your hair.

If you take the time to use the extensions properly, they will be undetectable to the naked eye. This will give you the confidence you need to wear the extensions whenever you want. Clip-in hair extensions are an affordable way to change your hairstyle whenever you want.


7 November 2014

Learning About Dying Your Hair At The Salon

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