How Liposuction Can Help Transform Male Gynecomastia


If you are suffering from a condition called gynecomastia, or large male breasts, it can greatly affect your lifestyle. Maybe you've been thinking about seeking treatment to change your body appearance. While there are a few treatment options, liposuction is one way to help shape and contour your chest into a precise shape.

What is Gynecomastia?

According to the Mayo Clinic, gynecomastia is caused by a buildup of breast gland tissue in men. Another reason for this condition is a hormone imbalance or underlying medical condition. Initially, it requires a doctor's exam to determine a correct diagnosis. An initial surgery or treatment regimen may be performed. Sometimes, a lot of fatty tissue is left behind, even after gynecomastia removal. This is where a plastic surgeon may be able to help. 

Removes Stubborn Fat

Liposuction is one way to remove fat deposits caused by gynecomastia. It's an effective form of gynecomastia treatment and results can typically be seen immediately following recovery. Your plastic surgeon may not only remove stubborn areas of fat but use other cosmetic techniques to help reshape and form the chest area. Cryolipolysis is similar to liposuction and may also be used to help target fat cells and smooth out lumpy areas. 

In addition, your surgeon may recommend weight loss and smoothing creams to help build muscle and keep the skin supple and smooth. 

Helps Change Breast Appearance

The end goal after treating gynecomastia is to boost and change breast appearance. It can give you a new lease on life. Being able to enjoy a comfortable day with your shirt off or going to the pool will no longer be embarrassing. It can restore self-esteem and change your life for the better. No longer will you have large or no symmetrical breasts. Liposuction can help aid with weight loss as well.

Affordable Option Vs Surgery

Compared to major reconstructive surgery, liposuction is more cost-effective. It is also safer and recovery time is a lot less than traditional surgery. Even if you have had a major reconstructive surgery in the past, liposuction can help smooth out rough areas and help you get the look you want. 

When it comes to male appearance, lumpy skin and large breasts can really be frustrating to live with. Tackling the issue head-on is the first step in making a positive change. Reach out to a gynecomastia treatment provider to learn more about your options.


31 October 2022

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