Why Should You Forget Your Cell Phone When You Go To A Spa?


One of the rules you might encounter at a day spa is to leave cell phones at home. That's actually not that easy for some people, but knowing why phones should be left at home can help those people—and you—get through the few hours without them or figure out an alternative way of being reached. Spas don't ban cell phones for fun or because of some anti-technology stance; they want you to leave your phone at home for some very practical reasons that could greatly affect your spa-treatment results.

If It's There, It's a Distraction

If your phone is with you, you'll want to check it—sometimes unconsciously. Maybe you relax and forget where you are and reach into your bag. It's actually pretty common behavior, but it won't help you when you're having a massage or trying to get a facial. Even if you manage to avoid grabbing your phone every few minutes, you'll worry about what calls and messages you're missing. You won't be able to focus on keeping your facial muscles relaxed during a facial, or you might tense up and twitch as you're having your nails done (thus ruining the polish). Basically, having that distraction and the ability to access that distraction will only make it harder to enjoy your time at the spa.

A Notification Can Undo Relaxation in an Instant

Let's say you bring your phone but keep the ringer on silent. You look at your phone to see if there are visual notification icons for messages. There's one, and it's from someone who you didn't want to hear from.

Bye-bye, all that relaxation you felt until you looked at your phone, right? People react more deeply to phone notifications than they realize. If you get a lot of stressful family messages, a notification alone, even without knowing who sent the message in question, can pretty much ruin your day. Why put yourself through that? Leave your phone at home if you can.

What if You Truly Need It?

Sometimes you do need your phone with you. Maybe you're a caretaker for a parent and need to be accessible at all times, even when you try to take time away to go to a day spa. In that case, call the spa ahead of time to see if the phone rule is flexible for people who need to be reachable or if they'd be able to pass on emergency calls if someone called their front-desk number. Spas want you to relax but understand that sometimes you need to be somewhat connected to the outside world for reasons beyond your control.

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1 July 2022

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