Four Facts You Need To Know About Breast Augmentation Recovery


Breast augmentation recovery takes time and needs good care. After the surgery, gauze dressings are used to wrap your breasts supported by a bra to reduce the effects of swelling.

After surgery, your surgeon will take you to a recovery space where you are monitored for some time then allowed to leave if there are no complications. Kindly note that you will be given postoperative care instructions and a potential follow-up appointment. If you did not receive medications before surgery, get them to you after the procedure.

The medicines you will be given will be antibiotics to prevent infections and pain killers to deal with potential pain.

Here are four facts about breast augmentation recovery.


There are instances when you go for breast augmentation while on a different medication. Additionally, ask your doctor about the effects of the given medicines on your recovery. Pain killers should be taken according to the doctor's directions. In cases where you do not have pain pills, ask your surgeon if it is safe to opt for over-the-counter options. When you think the painkiller is messing up your stomach, seek guidance.

Adhere to the prescription given for all medicines. If you had nausea pills and antibiotics, take them as directed. Avoid stopping once you feel better without finishing the dosage.

Daily activities and exercise

Having enough sleep during recovery and ensuring you rest when you feel tired, and avoiding lifting in the first few weeks after the surgery are great recovery techniques.

You need to get permission from your surgeon before you start driving and the safest time to engage in sexual acts. Lastly, inquire about the appropriate time to take a shower.


Your diet is likely not to change breast augmentation unless directed by your medical expert. Take enough fluids and eat your favorite meals. However, increase your fiber intake to deal with potential constipation complications that affect bowel movements.

Incision care

Breast augmentation plastic surgery needs quality incision care. Religiously follow the instructions given, and this routine includes how to deal with the special bra. Consult your doctor about when to resume using your ordinary bras. However, mind the size because your regular bras might be small and squeeze your restructured breasts.

The tapes on your boobs should be handled as directed by the surgeon or left intact until they naturally fall off and ensure the area is always clean and dry.


28 March 2022

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