FAQs First-Timers Often Have About Hair Weaves


A weave can give you long, luscious locks without the need to spend years growing out your natural hair. The process of getting one is pretty simple from the client's perspective. You sit in a chair, admittedly sometimes for several hours, while your stylist braids the weave into your hair. If you're been thinking about getting a weave, here are a few questions you might have about the process.

Why is it called a weave?

Hair weaves are also known as sewn-in extensions. Both names are equally fitting. The extensions themselves are braided into the hair, using a braiding technique similar to that used to create cornrows. They are sewn into an under-layer of hair and a top layer of hair is then laid down on top of them. This top layer of hair covers and hides the braids. In some cases, multiple layers of extensions may be woven into the hair.

What is the hair woven into your natural hair made from?

This depends on your preferences. Some stylists only work with a certain type of extensions, and others will give each client a few options to choose from. There are synthetic extensions that are usually the most affordable, along with real hair extensions that cost more but appear more realistic. Your stylist can talk with you about the look you want and the maintenance you're willing to do and help you decide which type of extensions are better for you.

Does getting a weave hurt?

It can be a bit uncomfortable, especially the first time around. Your stylist does have to pull the braids quite tight in order to get the weave to stay in, and this pulling can make some people's scalps sore. You may have some soreness and aching for a day or two afterward, too. Luckily, taking ibuprofen and having someone gently massage your scalp — around the weave, not on it — can help ease this tension.

How often do you need to have your weave re-done?

Most clients need to have their weaves maintained every few weeks. Your stylist will recommend a precise interval based on the texture of your hair. Your stylist can sew any loose hair back into the weave, keeping your look smooth and fresh. You'll also need to have the weave re-done a few times a year. Many people prefer to take a break from their weave for a week or two in between so that their scalp can rest and relax.

Now that you know more about weaves, contact a local stylist to make plans to have yours done.


13 December 2021

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