Main Steps To Expect When Going In For Your First Juvederm Appointment


While creams and serums have been a popular anti-aging option for many individuals looking to eliminate fine lines and sagging skin on their face, more and more people are finding that injectables and filers have better success than their topical counterparts do. One such treatment that is becoming increasingly popular is Juvederm. This type of filler treatment works to restore plumpness in your facial contours through the use of hyaluronic acid. What can you expect when you sign up for this treatment? Check out a few of the main steps that you can anticipate when going in for your first Juvederm appointment.

Step 1: Assessment

A misconception regarding Juvederm is that when you decide that you want to get this treatment, you can simply walk into a spa and receive the treatment. The reality is that the cosmetologist needs to establish if the treatment is right for you. Hence, you need to have an initial assessment where they will ask you various questions regarding your medical history. For example, any allergies you may have, medications you are taking, and so on. If you are on blood thinners, you will need to go off them for several weeks so that you do not bleed excessively during the procedure.

Step 2: Treatment

A day or so after you consult with the cosmetologist, you can then go in for your treatment. Before the filler can be injected, the cosmetologist will apply a numbing cream on the areas that will be addressed, as this will help with limiting the degree of discomfort that you will be under. Generally, Juvederm treatments will take anywhere between thirty mins to an hour. During the treatment, the cosmetologist will strategically inject the parts of your face that have succumbed to aging in an attempt to restore their youthful appearance. Once the injections are complete, the cosmetologist will massage your face to relieve the soreness. A few of the side effects that you may develop include reddening on the injection sites, minor bruising, and some swelling. All side effects should subside after several days.

Step 3: Aftercare

As with most beauty treatments, there are a few measures that you should take to ensure the best results from your Juvederm treatments. Firstly, you should steer clear of direct sunlight because the UV rays may accelerate the degradation of the dermal fillers, and shortening their lifespan. Secondly, you should not drink any alcohol for the first few days, as the alcohol will dilate your blood vessels, which will intensify bruising.


12 October 2021

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