3 Benefits Of Whole-Body Cryotherapy


Cryotherapy involves exposing your body to extremely cold temperatures for a few minutes at a time. Although these treatments sound extreme, there are many benefits to whole-body cryotherapy.

Reduced Inflammation And Pain

Many athletes or people with chronic musculoskeletal problems use cryotherapy as a way to reduce inflammation. Much like using cold therapy on a specific joint or muscle to reduce swelling, whole-body cryotherapy can work in a similar way. Athletes frequently use cryotherapy after training or games to aid in recovery. The cold helps the muscles recover from use faster than would occur at a normal body temperature. Cryotherapy is ideal for musculoskeletal issues that affect multiple areas of the body, since they can all be treated simultaneously. Another issue that may be improved is nerve inflammation, whether because of injury or underlying disease. People with peripheral neuropathy, which can cause sharp or shooting nerve pain, and the sensation of pins and needles might also benefit from cryotherapy.

Increased Metabolism

When cryotherapy is combined with a healthy diet and exercise regimen, there may be some weight loss or increased metabolism benefits. Some people find regular cryotherapy sessions improve their cold tolerance because their metabolism is increased. The underlying theory of cryotherapy for weight loss is that being in extremely cold temperatures with little clothing forces your body to raise your metabolism to maintain your core temperature. This extra work done by your body to stay warm may also help you burn a few extra calories. Many people who are looking for weight loss benefits enter the cryotherapy chamber after a workout to prolong their calorie burn while recovering from a workout.

Improved Skin

Doing whole-body cryotherapy is one way to improve the look and texture of the skin all over your body. Many spas offer cryotherapy specifically for the face. The cold temperature is good to use after a facial or extraction procedures because the cold helps shrink the pores after these services. Cold can also give your skin a healthy, radiant glow after a facial. Since cryotherapy reduces inflammation, it may also reduce some skin issues, such as redness or active acne. Extreme cold may also have anti-aging benefits by stimulating collagen production and give your skin a firmer, youthful appearance. This firmer appearance can improve the look of sagging skin or cellulite all over the body.

Whole-body cryotherapy treatment has many benefits that not only improve chronic pain, but can make your skin look better. As you build up your tolerance to cryotherapy you may notice additional benefits to treatments.


24 February 2020

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