3 Surprising Benefits Of Facials


From adding moisture and elasticity to reducing redness and blemishes, facials are known to improve the look and underlying health of the skin. Because of how they benefit the face, it is easy to see why so many people invest in facials periodically. Facials can be beneficial in other ways, too. This guide will teach you a few surprising benefits of facials other than improving the skin of your face.

Improved Blood Circulation

During a facial, a combination of steam and light massage helps open up the blood vessels in the skin. By opening up the blood vessels, blood can circulate through in a more effective and efficient manner.

This improved blood circulation not only occurs in the face but also through the neck and body. If you have any inflammation in the body, which is common if you have acne, rosacea, eczema, or even pain, you will see an improvement in the look, health, and comfort level of your skin and body.

Improved Emotional Health

Facials can improve your emotional health in a few ways.

Because massage of the face is a part of the facial procedure, you will experience a boost in your body's production of endorphins. These natural chemicals flood the body during massage, improving your overall mood instantly.

Increasing blood circulation through massage and facials can also help you reduce cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is the hormone produced in the body when you experience stress and anxiety. If you are experiencing the physical and emotional symptoms of stress and anxiety, such as backaches, neck pain, headaches, and fatigue, facials can be incredibly beneficial.

Improved Breathing/Allergy Symptoms

Another surprising benefit of facials is that they can improve your nasal congestion and allergy symptoms.

The warm steam that is used during a facial opens up your airways, reducing any congestion, stuffiness, or breathing difficulty that you experience because of a cold or allergies. Your facial technician will also massage the area around the nose and eyes, easing away congestion and discomfort to improve your breathing.

It is important to note that facials should never be used as a single treatment for chronic pain, emotional distress, or breathing difficulties. However, it can be beneficial in addition to medical care by your primary care doctor. This guide and your physician will help you understand a few of the surprising benefits of facials for your skin, emotional health, and breathing.


22 May 2019

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