Considerations To Keep In Mind For Massaging Senior Citizens


Although there's never a one-size-fits-all approach that you should take for your massage clients, you'll especially need to tailor your approach accordingly when you have a senior citizen on your table. Senior citizens use massage therapy for a wide range of benefits, and if you work as a massage therapist, it's possible that you'll have many clients who are in their 60s, 70s, and even their 80s. As with any client, getting feedback on your methods is important when you're treating a senior citizen. Here are some other considerations that you should know.

You May Need To Lighten Your Pressure

While some seniors may be robust and prefer deep pressure, this isn't always the case. There are plenty of senior citizens who have slender body types with little muscle and fat, which means that a gentle approach is generally advisable. Keep in mind that some seniors have weak bones, which means that you don't want to press too hard on someone's back and crack a rib, for example. Additionally, various conditions can cause seniors to bruise easily, and deep or especially focused pressure has the potential to leave a bruise on your client's body. 

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You May Wish To Offer Heat

Lots of seniors are chilly, even during the warmer seasons. Although you'll get to know the tastes of your various elderly clients the more that you treat them, you should keep in mind that some clients may be cold. You'll want to take various steps to ensure their comfort during the treatment. These steps can include elevating the heat in your room, offering additional blankets, and even having some heat packs on hand. Some clients may appreciate warm socks to wear if you're not treating their feet.

Be Sure To Go Over Their Health History Regularly

When a massage therapist accepts a new client, he or she asks the client to fill out a health history document that paints a picture of the client's overall health. Although the therapist may ask about any health changes before each appointment, this is generally not a major concern. However, senior citizens can experience rapid health changes, which means that a client's health may change dramatically between massage appointments. To ensure that you're aware of your client's health, you should always ask him or her if something has changed since the last appointment. For example, the client may now be on a different form of medication that causes dizziness. In such a case, you may wish to give him or her a hand getting on and off the table.


28 November 2017

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