4 Essential Tips To Help You Have Soft And Beautiful Hands And Nails


Do you want to keep your hands feeling smooth and make sure your nails look beautiful? Many people will see your hands throughout the day. If you are not taking good care of them, it may give a bad impression to people, such as your co-workers and even customers. However, there are easy ways to keep your hands and nails in great condition.

1. Get Gel Nail Manicures

One of the best ways to make sure your nails are always looking fresh is to get a routine gel manicure at the salon. Gel manicures are popular because they tend to last much longer than a traditional manicure. In fact, the quality of the manicure is so good that you may not need to get your nails touched up again for another 2– weeks because the gel polish does not chip easily.

While you are at the salon, you can choose from dozens of different gel polishes. The salon may carry various brands and hundreds of colors. The nail technician will first file and trim the nails, then apply the gel polish over your natural nails and cure it with a UV light. You will need to keep your hands under the light until the polish dries. As soon as the polish dries, you will have flawless nails in your selected color.

2. Protect Hands When Washing Dishes

If you normally wash the dishes at home, consider wearing protective gloves each time. The gloves will help you preserve your new manicure and keep your hands from becoming excessively dry. The combination of hot water and dish detergent can easily cause the skin to become cracked and dry.

3. Use a Natural and Gentle Hand Soap

Although hand soap is ideal for killing germs and bad bacteria, it can cause the skin to feel rough, especially if the type of soap you are using is not made with the gentlest ingredients. Instead of using products that contain a lot of unnecessary ingredients, you can make a natural and gentle soap at home.

You will need to purchase a 16 oz plastic pump container. Combine one cup of castile soap, ½ cup of water, and 15 drops of your favorite essential oil together in the bottle. Shake the bottle vigorously for about a minute and use the soap whenever you need it. There are several different essential oils you can use when making your soap, including lemon oil and orange essential oil. When using a natural homemade hand soap, your skin will feel smooth and smell great, and you will still have protection against germs and bacteria.

4. Keep Your Hands Moisturized

An easy way to keep your hands moisturized is to apply a blend of both coconut oil and olive oil to the skin and then carefully wrap it in plastic wrap overnight. By adding the plastic wrap around the hands with these oils, you are sealing in the moisture and giving the oils plenty of time to work their magic on the skin.

If you want to have beautiful hands, these are some of the many things you can do. You can take the proper steps to prevent dryness, keep your hands moisturized, and have the best looking nails with a gel manicure.


6 February 2017

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