Want Intensly Red Hair? 3 Ways to Fight the Fade


Of all the hair colors, red fades the most. And it's infuriating. You go to the salon and pay for beautiful, intense color that you fall in love with. But over the course of weeks, the intensity fades and so does your love affair. Fortunately, there are things you can do do keep this from happening. If you keep having your hair colored an intense red only to watch it fade out over a few weeks, you can take steps to fight the fade. Just follow these tips for maintaining intense color.

Swear Off Damage

Color molecules are trapped in your hair by the outer layer, called the cuticle. The cuticle, which looks like roof shingles, gets roughed up or raised as your hair gets damaged. While you can try to smooth it out with conditioners and treatments, it never truly lays flat again. And as your hair takes on more damage, your cuticle gets even more damaged, which allows color molecules to slips out. If you want to keep your red color, you have to take care of your cuticle layer by swearing off damage. Say no to chemical treatments and use thermal tools sparingly. 

Use Color-Enhancers

Color-enhancing products, such as shampoos, conditioners, and styling glazes, contain color pigments that coat the hair shaft, resulting in more intense, brilliant color. If your hair is particularly damaged, it will absorb some of the pigment. Using color-enhancing products each time you shampoo is a bit like replacing color pigment as soon as it fades out. Keep in mind that these products are temporary, meaning they are only good from shampoo to shampoo. If you wish to keep your intense color, use these products each time you cleanse. 

Apply Semi-Permanent Color

Semi-permanent color lasts several weeks and does little harm to your hair because it doesn't contain hydrogen peroxide. It can be used to apply bold color choices, such as blue, green, and orange, to your hair. But it can also be used to intensify your existing red color. To use this method, you must first have your hair colored with permanent hair color. When you notice fading, simply apply a semi-permanent color as a sort of booster. 

Red fades, and it can be aggravating. However, you don't have to live with the fade. There are things you can do to keep the intense, brilliant red color that you love and that your stylist worked so hard to get. For more tips, talk to a professional like those at Texture Salon & Spa of Madison Inc.


26 January 2017

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