Neat Feet: 3 Fall Pedicure Trends You Should Try


Getting a pedicure done is a great way both to instantly relax yourself and to polish up (no pun intended) your overall appearance. But if you've been going to get pedicures done for a quite a while, you may have gotten bored of the procedure or feel that there's nothing new to do—when the reality is really quite the opposite. So if you're looking for a few pedicure trends that will get you feeling rejuvenated as well as make your feet look super neat, then here are some trends that you should try on your next visit to the salon.

Color It Up

As summer comes to a close within the coming weeks, it's nice to be able to identify trendy colors that will keep your pedicure up to date while still leaning into the fact that fall is just around the corner. This fall, colors such as navy (preferably with a bit of sparkle to it), warm beiges, deep greys (especially charcoal-touched shades; whether to go metallic or not is up to you), and a bright apple red will keep you on trend while echoing the cooling of the season. Take note—combining any of the neutrals with each other (or even with statement colors like red) can help your nails not feel one-note or boring, while still playing to current trends.

Tips For Tips

A good French tip is a classic pedicure maneuver that is as fresh today as it was decades ago—and this fall, trendy tips are definitely a look to remember. That doesn't mean that you have to keep your nails neutral with a simply white line on top, however—with fall being a season to celebrate all the colors in nature, look for ways of switching up the classic tip to reflect a bit more modernity. Colored tips (especially involving the colors above) are a great choice, as would be a simple, neutral nail capped off with a statement color tip. Make sure your pedicurist gives you a good top coat on top of your tips to ensure they stay fresh for as long as possible.

Less Is More

Minimalism may have dipped down in places like home refurbishments, but minimalist nails are just coming into vogue this fall. Clear nails with a single colored dot, a simple stripe up the nail in a contrasting color, and nails only sporting a coat or two of a non-aggressive neutral like grey or beige are some clean, minimalistic looks to watch for (and to get done to you) this fall.

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28 September 2016

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