How To Create Spa-Like Experience In Your Own Home


If you're like many people these days, you've been spending much more time in your own home. You're probably also missing certain community amenities such as spas, and you're most likely looking forward to things returning to normal. However, no one is quite sure when that's going to be. Fortunately, there are ways for homeowners to create spa-like experiences in their own homes — following are four of them. Have a Towel-Warmer Installed

29 August 2020

How to Prepare for a Trip to the Med Spa


Med spas combine the best of two worlds: the spa and the cosmetic surgeon's office. At a med spa, you will find cosmetic procedures scientifically proven to provide great results. You can receive Botox, facial fillers, Emsculping, cryotherapy, and more. Here are four tips to help you prepare for your trip to a med spa. 1. Bring a cloth mask. In the wake of COVID-19, social distancing restrictions are easing up, but many businesses have implemented new rules to keep patrons safe.

5 June 2020

3 Benefits Of Whole-Body Cryotherapy


Cryotherapy involves exposing your body to extremely cold temperatures for a few minutes at a time. Although these treatments sound extreme, there are many benefits to whole-body cryotherapy. Reduced Inflammation And Pain Many athletes or people with chronic musculoskeletal problems use cryotherapy as a way to reduce inflammation. Much like using cold therapy on a specific joint or muscle to reduce swelling, whole-body cryotherapy can work in a similar way. Athletes frequently use cryotherapy after training or games to aid in recovery.

24 February 2020

4 Things To Do Before Visiting A Salt Cave


Taking the time to pamper yourself is a fantastic way to offer yourself some self-care in the middle of your busy life. Visiting a salt spa is an excellent way to do this. Salt spas offer health benefits. Spending some time in a salt cave can improve your skin tone, help clear up acne, and even elevate your mood. If you've never been to a salt spa before, here are four things you should do:

27 November 2019

Are You Getting Back In Shape?


Remember the days when you used to go to the gym every day or when you used to jog every day? Those days probably remind you that you once had a fabulously toned body. Maybe life just got in the way. For example, perhaps you have had a child or even several children since those days that you were super active. Or, maybe your job takes you out-of-town so much that it's hard to stick to an exercise regimen.

10 October 2019

3 Surprising Benefits Of Facials


From adding moisture and elasticity to reducing redness and blemishes, facials are known to improve the look and underlying health of the skin. Because of how they benefit the face, it is easy to see why so many people invest in facials periodically. Facials can be beneficial in other ways, too. This guide will teach you a few surprising benefits of facials other than improving the skin of your face.

22 May 2019

Using A Versatile And Efficient Hot Tub


Swimming is a popular form of aerobic exercise today. Many people will want to relax in a sauna or a hot tub after a swimming session. People will usually need access to both a pool and a spa in order to make that happen, but a swim spa can fulfill both functions.  Swim Spas Are Great for Both Swimming and Relaxation  Most swim spas are much longer than similar products. It's possible to swim in them.

27 December 2018