Tips For Your First Spa Visit


Whether you scheduled it for yourself or received it as a gift, a spa day is definitely something to look forward to. If it's your first visit, you may be a little nervous because you are unsure of the etiquette and what to expect. The following tips can help you feel more at ease, which is important since a spa day is meant to be relaxing.

Tip #1: Arrive early

When you arrive at a spa for the first time, you will need to check in. This process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a half hour. You will fill out any paperwork, sign any waivers, and then be taken on a tour of the spa. You will also be given the opportunity to choose some specific spa treatments. Don't worry if you aren't sure what to choose. Many spas have a menu of treatments, complete with pre-assembled packages of options that work well together and are popular. For example, they may have a full body relaxation package, which is a good way to be introduced to a variety of basic spa treatments.

Tip #2: Don't stress over nudity

One point of spa etiquette that is often stressful for those new to the experience is about clothing. After you are checked in, you will be shown to a changing room and provided with a locker. Common practice in a spa is to remove all of your clothing and to place it and your valuables in the locker. You can then wear the provided robe and slippers. There is absolutely no need to leave your underwear on or to wear a bathing suit. In fact, it would be more awkward to do so because you would then need to take this off before many of the treatments.

Tip #3: Ask about protocol

It can be nerve-wracking to be left alone after you have stripped down and put on a robe if you don't know what to do next. Before being left alone, ask for specific instructions on where you need to go. Some spas will provide a runner to take you to each new destination, while others expect you to make your way there on your on. Knowing which protocol is used is helpful, since you will want to know whether to wait for a runner or ask for directions after each treatment.

Contact a spa in your area, such as Aquarius Wellness, to book your first visit or to have any other questions about the facility answered.


7 February 2017

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Hello, my name is Nina. Welcome to my site about having your hair dyed and styled at the salon. I started going gray at about 30 years of age. As the gray hairs overwhelmed my formerly gorgeous locks, I knew that I needed a quick solution. Unfortunately, the box hair dye products didn't always work well and the results did not last nearly long enough. I started to go to salons to rectify the problem and was instantly hooked. I will use this site to talk about the different dye products and techniques used in the salon. I will also talk about salon styles for your hair.