5 Important Benefits Of Hot Stone Massages


A hot stone massage is a form of massage therapy that includes placing heated stones on the body for therapeutic purposes. There are so many different types of massages that it can be difficult to decide which one would be best for your needs. If you're interested in learning more about hot stone massages, here are some benefits that you need to be aware of.

Pain Relief

A lot of people carry tension in their back and shoulders. The muscles tighten and pull, making it difficult to perform daily activities. Heat warms the muscles and allows them to loosen up. The heat penetrates deep into the muscle tissue, allowing the massage therapist to give you a deeper massage.

Better Circulation

Cold makes things contract, and heat makes things expand. As the hot stones warm your muscle tissues, your blood vessels expand, allowing for a better blood flow throughout your tissues. Poor circulation can contribute to the muscle stiffness and pain, so the act of simply improving your circulation can improve your pain as well.

Improved Mental Health

The warmth from the hot stones will relax you much more quickly than a traditional massage. As you relax, your mental health can drastically improve. Tension often leads to anxiety in many people. Anxiety is often the root of poor sleep and depression, which tends to just cause more anxiety. It turns into a vicious cycle, and finding a way to relax is important. Your hot stone massage can help relieve your anxiety quickly. Getting a hot stone massage often can improve your sleep and improve your depression naturally.

Better Joint Mobility

Heat doesn't only loosen muscles. It can loosen up your joints, too. Many people feel like their joints lock up in the wintertime because the cold weather makes them stiff and achy. The added heat from the hot stone massage can help your joints loosen after they've locked up or become stiff. This will improve your mobility as you go about your daily routine and relieve pain from your joints as well.

Stop Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms are a serious issue with many people, and they often lead to the need for constant prescription medication. As the heat from the stones relax your muscles, they can naturally stop muscle spasms in their tracks. As your muscles loosen from the massage, recurring muscle spasms will be less likely and frequent.

A hot stone massage is one of the best massages you can get. If you have had a lot of stress, carry tension in your back, and/or have stiff and achy joints, make sure you try a hot stone massage.


12 August 2016

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